• Mass Work Study Guide

  • Study material for the writing "Mass Work" by the Communist Party of the Philippines.


  1. What is a general goal of mass work?

Line And Orientation Of Mass Work

  1. What is the fundamental teaching of mass line?
  2. What is commandism?
  3. What is tailism?
  4. What is a political line? What is opportunism? What are left opportunist and right opportunist lines?
  5. What is a social investigation? What is its aim? What does it allow people to do?
  6. What is necessary to do wherever there are masses of potentially revolutionary people?
  7. In order to launch and advance the anti-capitalist struggle, what must people do?
  8. Who is to be actively opposed and contended ideologically with?
  9. What is the goal for mass movements?
  10. What is the Party's role in the core of a mass movement? Who are the biggest source of members for the Party? What is the Party generally?

Propaganda And Education Work

  1. What is the goal of propaganda? What is necessary for it to be effective? What are the three tasks or propaganda work?
  2. What do we gather from the masses, and what do we bring back to them?
  3. What does it mean that propaganda relates general objectives, tasks and direction with particular objectives, tasks and means?
  4. What is the goal of education work? What is a political education? What does it accomplish?
  5. Why do we summarize our experiences and share it with others?
  6. What are some basic attitudes of proletarian revolution­aries?
  7. What is the goal of an education program?

Organizing The Masses

  1. What are the two most important principles in mass organizing?
  2. Who must the leadership of mass organizations be composed of?
  3. What does it mean to strictly follow the revolutionary class line in organizing the masses?
  4. What do organizing groups do? Where are organizing committees formed? What do the organizing committees do?
  5. How do mass organizations emerge?
  6. What are revolutionary committees and how are they formed?
  7. What is the purpose of Party groups and branches? How are they formed?
  8. Who are mass activists?
  9. What is a cadre and how do they differ from a mass activist?
  10. How are mass activists developed?
  11. What type of people are selected for mass activism?

Mobilizing The Masses

  1. What is a mass action? What is a mass campaign? What are the goals of mass mobilization?
  2. What must be done before and after a mass mobilization?
  3. What is claimed to be the highest priority for progressive organizations?

Consolidation And Expansion

  1. What is consolidation? What is expansion? How are consolidation and expansion combined correctly?


  1. Does mass work apply in every situation with all people? How much of it applies?